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Voltage Transformers

We also have a full range of other Voltage transformers ranging from 2.2kV (2,200V), 3.3kV (3,300V), 6.6kV (6,600V), 11kV (11000 V), 13.2kV (13,200V), 22kV/sqrt(3) and 33kV/sqrt(3), single phase or 3-phase, Classes 0.2 to 1, protection classes (3P and 6P), Spring charging, solenoid closing, measuring. Voltage factors of 1.2/Continuous; 1.5/30s and 1.9/8 hours.

Types for the above include stand alone fixed pattern, core and windings for client specific arrangements, Horizontally withdrawable arrangements.

Repair and replacement services.

Reyrolle LMT Gear

We have for many years offered a full range of LMT Gear drop-in retrofit replacements.

LMT Retrofitted VT

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our VT Offerings




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